Real estate professionals

Buying a property directly from the companies that built it is a great way to invest. However, there can be pitfalls: speed and quality of construction, the effectiveness of architectural and design solutions, and legal issues.

Risks are mitigated by investing in new builds from companies with a proven track record in the market. Let us share the contacts of developers who create unique projects.

Property developer

The return on capital from real estate investments is higher when debt financing is used. It also helps to reduce wealth tax in Spain. The help of an experienced mortgage broker can be helpful when it comes to raising finance.

Mortgage broker

Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies do not only help to buy or sell property, but also take care of many other client requests. For example, to organize an online property visit in another city, to help open a bank account, or to advise a lawyer.

For those buying or selling property in another country, it is handy if the real estate agent speaks the client’s language. It is also good to have a proactive agent who will energetically take the major hassle out of finding the best option to buy or rent a property.

Trust is also an important factor in real estate transactions. That is why we place here contacts of real estate agencies whose services we use ourselves.

Real estate agency

Real estate agency

Real estate agency