Frequently Asked Questions

CID’s turnkey furnishing and decoration services cost approximately 2,000 euros. The cost of furniture, textiles and other interior items will be about 40.000-60.000 euros. The price may vary according to the brands chosen by the customer.
You can read more about the staging service here.

Creation of design concept with existing decor items takes 1-2 months. Searching for new items, custom manufacturing and delivery takes 2-4 months depending on the brand.
You can read more about CID Signature design project here.

Yes, we provide such service and will be happy to help you in selection of decorative materials. We recommend you to book a designer’s consultation.

Yes, we can do it. The price of design project starts from 100 euros per square meter. You can read more about this service here.

Yes, pandemic taught us to run project successfully online and in any territory.

We will be happy to offer a service of selecting art objects based on your preferences and budget.

When companies offer “free of charge” service it means that it doesn’t cost much or it is already included in furniture price.
We do not just select furniture and decor items from catalogs. We creating design to make your home look different from others. Our studio creates bespoke interior design based on customer’s tastes, lifestyle and passion. We are not associated to specific factories; we are looking for the best option for our customer and put it into practice. Our customers appreciate design and understand the value of design services. In addition, we provide customers with special prices from our partners – furniture and interior items manufacturers. It often covers costs for the designer’s services.