Frequently Asked Questions

We have an apartment 120 m² with basic finishing, built-in kitchen and dressing rooms. We need to get them prepared quickly for move-in. What’s the price of CID services?

We have bought a villa 250 m² square meters with furniture, but it does not suit us. We would like to change the interior completely. How long will it take to make a design concept and the full decoration of the villa?

Our house is at the final stage of construction, we would like to choose finishing materials (decorative tiles, doors, plumbing, marble). Could you help?

As an investment, we bought an old villa of 300 m² square meters. Can you make a design project for renovation? How much does it cost?

We have no opportunity to meet in CID office as most of the year we live in Germany. Do you provide design services remotely?

Can your studio assist in selecting art objects and accessories for villa?

Why some companies offering furnishing services don’t charge for interior design?