Staging of apartments and villas

Staging is your first choice if:

  • you need to prepare the space for move in within tight deadlines;
  • you want to increase selling or rental price of villa or apartment;
  • you want to attract more potential customers and the property faster on the real estate market.

The result of our work:

  1. In 1-2 months your apartment or villa will have an attractive interior and will be ready to move-in, rental or sale.
  2. The furniture and decor items will fit in the space and match together in harmony.
  3. The selling/ rental price of decorated property can be increased.

For example, one of our clients managed to rent out the apartment after decoration 20% more expensive. The decoration costs were less than two thousand euros, and the project was completed within a month.
As a nice bonus, Elle Decoration magazine published an article about this project on its website.

  • Plan of rooms with furniture arrangement.
  • Collages with 2-3 options of interior decoration within two weeks.
  • Shopping list of all interior items: furniture, light, decor, textiles, dishes, art objects.
  • Cost estimation for decoration.
  • Project schedule.
  • Purchase, delivery and arrangement of all decor items.
  1. Preliminary consultation. We find out your needs and tastes. We describe picture of the project: cost range for interior items, timeline, price of design studio services.
  2. Advance payment (50 % of CID services price).
  3. Detailed discussion of client interests and wishes, real estate parameters and its possible limitations.
  4. Measurement, photo and video shooting of premises and buildings.
  5. Preparation of floor plan with two or three options of furniture and interior items layout/arrangement.
  6. Client’s approval of planning solution and furniture and interior items arrangement.
  7. Preparation of two or three collages with the proposed interior items.
  8. Client’s approval of the collages.
  9. Payment of 50% CID services.
  10. Making a shopping list of interior items and cost estimation approval.
  11. Project schedule preparation.
  12. Payment for decor items.
  13. Delivery and arrangement of decor items.

Price and timeline:
From 500 euro per room (excluding the cost of interior items).
Timeline: 1-2 months.