Procurement service is the selection, purchase, and delivery of interior items.

For example, our client for an apartment of 120 m2 required 132 items from 23 brands at a price of €65,000.

Our suppliers offered special conditions (€52,000). The studio’s service price is 10% (€5,000).

Thus, the client spent €57,000 instead of €65,000. In addition, he solved all problems in one place and saved time.

We are in contact with sixty furniture and lighting manufacturers, as well as art galleries, artists, and interior suppliers. We study the entire range of items they produce, possible configurations, and finishes. We follow the collections’ updates every year. In addition to furniture, we also select artwork, fixtures, textiles, carpets, accessories, and decorations.

We take care of:

  • searching for suppliers,
  • negotiating prices,
  • organizing purchases,
  • checking the quality of items,
  • insurance,
  • delivery and assembling of furniture,
  • replacing faulty items.

Minimum orders start from 40,000 Euros.

Procurement service is your first choice if:

  • you have no time to organize the searching, purchasing, delivery, and assembly of items by yourself;
  • you have made a shopping list of furniture and art, but you do not know where to order all the pieces and what the budget is;
  • you want to find similar pieces of furniture which are out of your budget or no longer in production.

The result of our work:

  1. All the furniture, lighting, art, and decor you need will be delivered to your home.
  2. You will get special deals. This often pays for the cost of buying the kit service.
  1. Detailed estimate and specifications including names of items, their characteristics, manufacturer, and price.
  2. Procurement, delivery, and assembly of finishing materials, fixtures, furniture, textiles, and artwork according to the specification.
  3. Special pricing terms from manufacturers and suppliers of furnishings.
  1. Pre-consultation. The client’s needs are clarified. The client receives an indicative term of service, the cost of the design studio’s services.
  2. Prepayment (€2,000).
  3. Selection of all items, determination of suppliers, delivery terms, and price.
  4. Preparation of estimates and specifications.
  5. Discuss the estimate with the client and finalize the estimate.
  6. Approval of the final estimate by the client.
  7. Payment of 70% of the estimate for delivery of items.
  8. Procurement of furniture and interior items, checking completeness and quality. Replacement in case of faults. Preparing for delivery to the client.
  9. Payment of 30% of the furniture supply estimate minus the prepayment of €2,000.
  10. Delivery and assembly of the furniture.

Price and timeline:

The procurement price is 10% of the estimate (prepayment is €2,000).

Project time: starting from 1 month.

Minimum order from €40,000.