How to create a beautiful interior without the help of a designer?

Part 2: hints from the designer.

We continue the story of how to create a beautiful interior. It could be useful for those who decided to not entrust this work to professionals. As we explained in the first part of the article, knowledge of the algorithm is not enough to create an attractive design. There are several rules which can turn a mediocre room into an elegant and practical space.

So, we’re going to share a few tips with you.

  1. Make sure the interior doesn’t look like a warehouse of furniture. Use art (pictures, posters, sculptures), decorative interior items (candlesticks, vases, paperweights), textiles (cushions, curtains, plaids), carpets, and plants (living or artificial).
  2. Combine a palette of neutral shades (white, black, grey) and three or four primary colours. One of them can be a contrasting accent. It is helpful to study theory and familiarize yourself with the concept of the colour wheel.
  1. Observe scale and proportion when choosing furniture and decoration items. For example, a larger table lamp would look better near the massive headboard of a bed.
  2. Don’t leave large spaces without decor (walls, floor).
  3. Divide the room into functional areas. Emphasize them with local lighting, textiles, arrangement of furniture, and plants. The larger the space, the more zones are required.
  1. Don’t fill a space with items from a single brand. Each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, some manufacturers make comfortable sofas, while others make beautiful but inconvenient ones. Use a combination of brands, this will create a unique style. Creative Interior Design uses items from up to 30 manufacturers in one project.
  2. Furniture pieces should echo each other: have similar patterns, harmonious finish materials, and complementary colours.
  3. Use several levels of lighting: general and local light sources.

Good luck on your creative path!
If you feel you can’t cope or don’t want to waste your time and energy, just ask us.
We will be happy to create a unique interior design for you.